A and E Real Estate Management: A Full-Service Approach to Property Ownership and Leasing

A and E Real Estate Management is a leading real estate company that owns and manages over 15,000 residential units in four boroughs of New York City.

A and E Real Estate Management
A and E Real Estate Management

Founded in 2011 by Douglas Eisenberg, John Arrillaga, Jr., and Wendy Eisenberg, the company has grown from a single 49-unit building in Fort Greene to a diverse portfolio of properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

What Makes A and E Different?

A and E stands out from other real estate companies by providing a full-service approach to property ownership.

This means that the company handles every aspect of the real estate process, from acquisition and development.

A and E also invests in its communities by actively engaging with its residents and supporting local initiative.

One of the key features of A and E’s full-service approach is its in-house leasing company, 1898.

Launched in 2021, 1898 is named for the year that all five boroughs officially came together to create what we now call the City of New York.

1898 lists and leases all of A and E’s available apartments, offering a wide range of options for different lifestyles, locations, and priorities.

1898 also partners with select local neighborhood brokers to ensure a smooth and efficient leasing experience for both tenants and owners.

What Services Does A and E Offer?

A and E offers a variety of services for tenants and owners of single-family and multi-family properties in the south metro area of New York City.

Some of these services include.

1.Property management

A and E handles all the aspects of property management, such as rent collection, maintenance requests, tenant screening, lease agreements, inspections, and evictions.

A and E has over 25 years of experience in property management and knows the local markets and regulations well.

2.Property sales

A and E also helps owners sell their properties at the best possible price and terms.

A and E has a team of licensed and experienced agents who can assist with market analysis.

3.Property acquisition

A and E is always looking for new opportunities to acquire and develop properties in the south metro area.

A and E has a proven track record of identifying and executing value-added strategies for its properties, such as renovations, repositioning, and rebranding.

How to Contact A and E?

If you are interested in renting, buying, selling, or managing a property in the south metro area of New York City, you can contact A and E through the following channels.


You can visit A and E’s website, a-e-realestate.com, to learn more about the company and its services.

You can also visit 1898’s website, 1898leasing.com, to browse the inventory of available apartments and apply online.


You can call A and E at (770) 460-1104 to speak with a representative or schedule an appointment.


You can email A and E at info@a-e-realestate.com to inquire about any of their services or properties.


You can visit A and E’s office at 630 E Lanier Avenue, Fayetteville, GA 30214.

A and E Real Estate Management is a trusted and reputable real estate company that offers a full-service approach.

Whether you are a tenant looking for a place to live, or an owner looking for a professional property manager.

Contact A and E today and see why they are the best choice for your real estate needs.

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