What Type Of Lawyer Represents Property Disputes? Learn What Type Of Lawyer Can Help You

The type of lawyer that deals with property disputes is usually a real estate lawyer or a property lawyer.

These lawyers specialize in matters related to property, such as transactions, contracts, titles, boundaries, zoning, leases, foreclosures, and litigation.

They can help their clients with negotiations, due diligence, document preparation, dispute resolution, and court representation.

They can also advise their clients on the laws and regulations that apply to their property and protect their rights and interests.

Property Disputes Lawyer
What are the types of property dispute?

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Boundary disputes

Where the parties disagree on where the property line falls. This can lead to conflicts over fences, trees, driveways, or encroachments.

Breach of contract disputes

Where one party fails to fulfill their obligations under a contract of sale or lease. This can involve issues such as price, deposit, closing date, repairs, or disclosures.

Disputes between co-owners of a property

Where the parties have different interests or expectations regarding the property. This can involve issues such as selling, renting, improving, or dividing the property.

Family property disputes

Where the parties are related by blood or marriage and have claims over the property. This can involve issues such as inheritance, divorce, separation, or gifts.

Property dispute lawyer
Property dispute lawyer with owner [PHOTO COURTESY OF REALTOR]

Property construction disputes

Where the parties have issues with the quality, cost, or timing of the construction work.

This can involve issues such as defects, delays, variations, or warranties.

Zoning issues

Where the parties have issues with how the property is used or developed. This can involve issues such as permits, restrictions, violations, or appeals.

Real estate fraud

Where a party intentionally misleads another party in order to gain an advantage in a property transaction. This can involve issues such as false representations, forged documents, identity theft, or scams.


property disputes can be stressful and complicated, but they can also be resolved with the help of a lawyer who specializes in property law.

Depending on the type and complexity of your property dispute, you may need a lawyer who has experience and expertise in areas such as boundary disputes, breach of contract disputes, co-owner disputes, family property disputes, property construction disputes, zoning issues, or real estate fraud

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