Why I Left Compass Real Estate: A Personal Story

Compass Real Estate is one of the fastest growing and most innovative real estate companies in the world.

It has a mission to “help everyone find their place in the world” and a vision to “build the future of real estate for a better world” .

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I joined Compass in 2020 as a real estate agent, hoping to be part of this exciting journey.

However, after three years of working there, I decided to leave the company and pursue other opportunities.

I will share my personal story of why I left Compass Real Estate, what I learned from my experience, and what I think the company can do better.

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The Good Things About Compass

First of all, I want to acknowledge the good things that Compass has to offer.

Compass is a technology-driven company that provides its agents with a powerful platform, tools, and support to grow their business.

Some of the benefits that I enjoyed as a Compass agent were:

Access to a large and diverse inventory of listings across different markets and price ranges .


Ability to create beautiful and customized marketing materials, such as websites, brochures, flyers, and social media posts, using the Compass Studio tool .

Opportunity to collaborate and network with other talented and successful agents within the Compass community .

Exposure to cutting-edge technology and innovation, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, that help agents make smarter decisions and provide better service to their clients .

Support from a dedicated team of professionals, such as transaction coordinators, marketing specialists, legal advisors, and customer service representatives, who assist agents with various aspects of their business .

The Challenges and Frustrations That I Faced

Despite these advantages, I also faced many challenges and frustrations as a Compass agent.

Some of the issues that I encountered were:

1.High pressure and competition from the management and the market.

Compass has a very ambitious goal to become the largest and most profitable real estate company in the world .

To achieve this, the company expects its agents to perform at a high level and constantly increase their sales volume and market share.

This creates a lot of pressure and stress for the agents, especially in a competitive and volatile market like real estate.

2.Lack of transparency and communication from the leadership.

Compass is a privately held company that does not disclose much information about its financial performance, valuation, or future plans .

This makes it hard for the agents to understand the company’s direction, strategy, and vision.

Moreover, the leadership often makes sudden and unilateral changes to the company’s policies, procedures, and compensation structure, without consulting or informing the agents in advance .

3.Inconsistency and unreliability of the technology and support.

Compass prides itself on being a technology company that empowers its agents with the best tools and support.

However, in reality, the technology and support are often inconsistent and unreliable.

For example, the Compass platform and tools frequently experience glitches, errors, and downtime, affecting the agents’ productivity and efficiency .

The support team is also often overwhelmed, understaffed, and unresponsive, leaving the agents frustrated and helpless .

The Reasons Why I Left Compass

After weighing the pros and cons of working at Compass, I decided to leave the company for the following reasons:

1.I wanted more autonomy and flexibility in my business.

Compass has a very centralized and standardized approach to running its business.

It imposes a lot of rules and regulations on its agents, such as how to market their listings, how to price their services, how to split their commissions, and how to handle their transactions.

I felt that this limited my creativity, individuality, and freedom as an agent.

I wanted to have more control and choice over how I run my business, without having to follow the company’s dictates.

2.I wanted more alignment and trust with my company.

Compass has a very aggressive and secretive culture that breeds distrust and resentment among its agents and employees.

It often uses deceptive and unethical tactics to recruit and retain its agents, such as offering inflated and unrealistic promises, withholding or misrepresenting information, and poaching or sabotaging other agents .

I felt that this violated my values and principles as an agent. I wanted to work for a company that is honest, transparent, and respectful of its agents and employees, and that shares the same vision and mission as I do.

3.I wanted more growth and fulfillment in my career.

Compass has a very narrow and short-term focus on its business.

It prioritizes quantity over quality, revenue over profit, and market share over customer satisfaction .

I felt that this hindered my professional and personal development as an agent.

I wanted to work for a company that values quality over quantity, profit over revenue, and customer satisfaction over market share, and that provides me with opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive in my career.


In conclusion, I left Compass Real Estate because I was unhappy and dissatisfied with the company’s culture, values, and practices.

I felt that Compass was not the right fit for me as an agent, and that I could find better opportunities elsewhere.

Am grateful for the experience and the lessons that I learned from working at Compass.

I hope that Compass can improve its weaknesses and address its challenges, and that it can achieve its goals and aspirations.

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